Trask ulgo

Trask looks on as you get dressed into his clothes

"It's too dangerous to use a blaster on the bridge, use a sword! Unless you don't have a sword, in which case use a blaster! I've got a sword, which you can use if you don't have a blaster, I'll hang back and use my blaster!"

-Trask Ulgo, before using his sword whilst Rarth uses his blaster

Trask is the current Royal Spymaster of The League and was once a soldier working for the Republic, and he is also a master of disguise. He can camouflage himself so easily that, despite having served together for two years, his roommate Rarth Devan has never seen him before. He has hidden around their dormitory and lain in wait for him, waiting for him to go to sleep before emerging and going about his duties. The other members of the crew went along with Trask's gag to the extent where they would actively refuse to discuss the empty bed in Rarth's room...

Trask was a common customer of the Endar Spire Cantina, but he would always have to hide often if Rarth ever came in. Trask admired the Jedi and their skills, and dedicated his service to protecting his commanding officer Bastila. When the ship was attacked by Malak's forces, Trask finally revealed himself to Rarth and helped him to escape. Trask guided Rarth through the tutorials of basic life skills as Rarth nodded and looked skeptical about everything. When the oppurtunity came, Trask engaged in combat with the Sith soldiers and even a Sith Warrior, Bandon, who he easily killed. Rarth had no knowledge of this, however, and since Trask wanted to let Rarth continue on his own he created an elaborate disguise to guide him through the rest of his quest. But that's another story...

His brother Mask Ulgo also produces elaborate disguises for Trask that allow him to blend into any environment.

Trask also has a sword.

Proof of his amazing powersEdit

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