Trickster brigade

The gang in formation.

The Tricksters Brigade is an army of strange alligator creatuers led by the Trickster, a blindfolded alligator who can summon cards out of nowhere and make people poisoned or confused simply by whispering in their ears.

Known Members and Ranks

  • The Trickster

The Trickster spins a web of deception, twisting the flow of battle to his advantage

  • Cannoneer

The Cannoneers support the front line with fire from their hand cannons

  • Gladiators

The Elite guard of the trickster, the gladiators decimate foes with their dual swords and axes

  • Bishop

These hapless advisors of the trickster heal their allies and smite foes with holy fire

  • Defender

The Bodyguards of the trickster slash through enemy lines with enchanted weaponry.

  • Warrior

These grunts are the footsoldiers of the trickster and use strength in numbers to overpower the enemy

  • Brigade Knight

These mounted warriors are slightly more powerful than their bretheren and ride giant alligators into battle