Tricky Tricky

He's blindfolded, yet he can still throw cards with 100% accuracy. Respect.

"The Trickster spins a web of deception, twisting to flow of battle to his advantage." -Unknown Army General-

The Trickster is a devious commander of an unstoppable force known as the Trickster's Brigade. He uses playing cards as a weapon, sharpening the edges to make them as thin as razors. He can also twist people's minds to believe that they are confused, poinsoned or burnt simply by whispering magic spells in their ears.

He looks like an alligator with a blindfold, and he is a master of Disguise, rather like Trask Ulgo. He is rumoured to have trained Connor the Conman in the ways of Disguise.

He is not to be confused with Tricky Tricky, who called himself Trickster until he came to our universe.