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Inon II, the bustling Capital Planet of The League

The League of Utter Disaster, Chaos, Insanity, Destruction, Devastation, Abandonment, Pain, Stupidity, Ridiculousness Impossibleness, Creepiness, All-Powerfulness and Unstoppableness, (Known simply as The League of Utter Disaster, Chaos, and Insanity or more simply as The League) is an multigalactic organisation dedicated to preserving peace in The Universe. Formed near the dawn of time but officially instigated as a peace-loving democracy in 0 PLF, The League steadily grew and grew, converting more worlds to its influence, until it became the Hyperpower we know today. It has complete control over most of the Milky Way, and has very strong influences and support in six other nearby Galaxies, notably the Force Galaxy, the Trek Galaxy and even the Flood Galaxy.

LeagueSphereof Influence

The League Sphere of Influence

The League is particulary noted for its tendency to elect the most insane or deranged individuals to its positions of leadership. The League does this because it firmly believes that genius and madness are infact two sides of the same coin, therefore making its Government Geniuses. The League is known Galaxy-wide for its grand cities and extravagently high standard of living.

Unlike the leadership of most civilizations, League leaders are both greatly-loved and respected by the masses. Leaders take time out of their daily routine to visit their citizens and sort out their problems. The League Expeditionary Force, led by Lord Protector Jorgey, travels around the Galaxy terraforming inhospitable planets. League Artists and Writers ensure that the citizens are always entertained. League Doctors ensure that citizens are always healthy. The League Military is the most powerful in existence. The League Pantheon ensures a blessed peace and order between planets. The League's Police Force, including members like Trask Ulgo and the infamous Protector, ensure order on the planets of the League. All of these points and more contribute to The League being the most powerful and well-respected organisation in the known Galaxy.