Temple of requiem

This is the Temple that Jorgey inhabited during the Requiem Years. This was where he would preach to his Covvie forces and also where he encountered Johnny for the last time. Jorgey implanted the Temple on his new Reach, and used it as a base from which he created his Jorgelings, the Reachites.

The temple itself is huge, spanning over two thirds of the planets second layer, equatable with the surface area of the Earth. The Temple appears to have been built originally during the planet's construction and they expanded by Jorgey, since the towers are of Forerunner design. Allegedly, the Temple's inner sanctum has walls plated with gold and goblets crafted of diamond. However, the outer shell of the Temple is a war-torn nightmare. Ever since the revivial of the Prometheans, Jorgey tightened his grip over Requiem's three outer layers, with the Prometheans controlling the four inner layers and Jul Mdama's Covenant controlling the core.
Forerunner concept h2

The abandoned Temple of Requiem crumbles as a Spartan investigates the area

His forces battle the forces of the Didact and Jul Mdama all over Requiem and the Temple is one of the main battlefields, with Prometheans being constantly sent to attack the outer layers as they cannot teleport inside the structure.

The temple itself was abandoned after the construction of New Reach, shortly after Johnny's departure from Requiem. After Jorgey left the planet the Temple fell into disrepair. Having been stripped of its valuables by Jorgey's minions it was left a shell, and six months after the Battle of Requiem the Temple itself was beginning to crumble. It was destroyed completely when Jul Mdama sent Requiem spiralling into its nearby star to be destroyed.

The Temple was rebuilt on New Reach by Jorgey using the remains of the Long Night of Solace.