"I am Sood, I deal in Science. No fakes, No forgeries, No duplicatiooons..."

The Sood thinks that Objects are daaaangerous businnnnneeeeesssss!

He also likes calling the name of people he's never met really loud when he first meets them. He also thinks being normal is 'Overrated!'

And he hates Weasel, lets just say he wants him to get his stinking carcass out of Sood's shop, because he owns a book shop. Except it's not a book shop. It's a Book STOP. As in, you stop, and then his assistant Punjeet drags you in. He has information on pretty much anything, which is useful to the League because that means they can know everything about everything.

He doesn't mind if you're early for appointments, and he thinks being normal is overrated. Because of this, he is pals with Jorgey and helped him open a Grunt Stop. He also owns a Geth and a band of Gangstaz, and he has set up his own social networking site. However, you need to first have an appointment in order to see the Sood, because for some reason he is super.

The Raid on the Museum of Unnatural History was engineered and performed by Sood, who wanted to get rid of the dangerous business that the Museum had decided to put on display - an Object...

Sood has set up the Grand Arena of the League and a special event was created in his honour at the opening ceremony. This gained Sood a lot of publicity and his Stop was crowded with visitors on the day. Sood even let Weasel in as he was so happy.

Sood is good friends with Jorgey and the two plot and scheme to improve the League. They go on meals and often review the restaurants that they go to, but none are ever as good as the Grunt Stop. Sood never engages in dangerous business so he likes to always smile and stare at people disconcertingly, but Jorgey likes this as it scares the Grunts.

As seen here, Sood does deals with Kreutzfeld on Object Artefacts. They met over FaceSood which is why they have never met in person, but apparently Kreutzfeld's guards aren't dangerous business enough to put a downer on Sood's business prospects with his new best friend.

The Lost Room Sood

The Lost Room Sood