Serenity ship

Serenity limps along through space

Serenity is a cowboy ship crewed by a gang of American weirdos. The captain is a seasoned war veteren from some kind of over-dramatised American Civil War that had no particular consequence to anyone, and his second-in-command is a woman who helped him fight the war but still doesn't trust him completely for no reason. Other crewmembers include a crazed pilot who plays with dinosaur figures, the typical 'I'm hard don't mess with me' security dude, the 'cute' engineer who loves her ship (in a weird way), a Doctor who just seems to want to protect his sister, the Doctor's sister who's insane and won't speak to anyone, a prostitute who makes the crew stop off at loads of planets and a Travelling Monk. This gang of weirdos and freaks travelled around the Galaxy for ages and half-heartedly tried to solve the mystery of the Doctor's sister, which might have been important for the general safety of the Galaxy, but they ended up giving up and going home.

Its no Millenium Falcon, I tell thee that.

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