Planet Reach

The Holy REAAAACH!!!!

Reach is a large planet, larger than Earth, that was a fortress world of Humans during the Human-Covenant War and one of their major fortress worlds (despite the fact that it had no industrialisation whatsoever, only one city and a pitiful orbital defence).

Reach had a significant population of Moas ans Gutas, as well as masses of flora that is not too dissimilar to that of Earth. Its ecosystem is very resilient, and it was easily able to cope with the arrival of Humans onto the planet.

Reach was destroyed during the Human-Covenant War and was one of the few costly victories the Covies actually won, due to the absence of Reaper reinforcements in the area to assist the Humans defending the planet.

Jorgey sees it as his duty to both avenge REAAAACH!!!! and bring the pain to every other being in the Galaxy, as he believes that REAAAACH!!!! suffering means everyone has to suffer.

Reach wallpaper Jorge by F4celessShopps

Jorgey on his beloved REAAAACH!!!!

Despite the damages caused to the planet, Reach had recovered in little more than 100 years. With help from League terraforming (thanks to Jorgey's use of the Composer), the planet was back to normal within 2 centuries. However, this did not stop Jorgey from creating a brand new, unspoiled version of Reach called New Reach.

Reach is the planet that Jorgey adores, and it occupies the majority of his thinking time, even when he's asleep.

Some may say he's obsessed with it...