A representation of Mr.Rage's reactions when he loses on games...

He's a friend of Shirazzle Dazzle. He shares Shirazzle's love of games, but he rages at them. Literally, he flies into a Rage.

He shouts at the screen, he tries to crush the controller, he politely tells people to kill themselves and he tackles Shirazzle Dazzle if he kills him by accident. His life ambition is to acquire the legendary Golden Crossbow.

If he knew about the League, he would probably join, But he's in the League because he's insane.

His hobbies include eating dog food, playing pat-a-cake and gurning. He is also feuding with Chosen Juan over the Gold Crossbow, and being the supremely annoying one he always loses. In fact, he was eventually killed in a Duel with Chosen Juan, in which Chosen Juan also died.

However, Mr. Rage has been recently resurrected as Mr. Calm, an alter-ego of his which survived the destruction of the Rage shell and lived on. Content with the death of Juan and his own personal resurrection, Mr. Calm now pursues meditation and free-spirited drug-addled enlightenment.