Morning War
Morning war

A while ago


Rannoch, Surrounding Space


Geth Victory

  • Quarians forced off Rannoch
  • Quarians become immigrants




Unknown Quarian Emperor

Various Geth Prime units

  • Hundreds of thousands of Army units
  • Thousands of Police units
  • Hundreds of ships
  • Millions of Geth mobile platforms (Many unarmed)
  • (Later) Hundreds of ships


  • Thousands of Army units
  • Thousands of Police units
  • Most Military ships


  • Thousands of Mobile platforms
  • Many ships
Civilian casualties
  • Many Geth-Sympathising Quarians
  • Domestic Geth units (Unarmed and didn't fight back)
Quarian whining

The Morning War was a war fought in the Morning between the Geth, who are awesome, and the Immigrants, who are dicks. The War started when a single Geth walked up to a random Quarian overseer and asked "Master, does this unit have a soul?". The overseer reported this to her masters and they took this question as a threat of warfare. How strange.

All across Quarian Space, Quarian police declared martial law and Army units began attacking and killing the poor helpless Geth, many of whom were simple domestic units with no way of defending themselves. Of course, not all Quarians were dicks, many tried to defend their faithful servants, smuggling them to safehouses or sheltering them from the authorities.

At first, Geth began to take up arms to defend their loyal creators and other units who had no way to defend themselves. The sympathetic Quarians not under protection of Geth were killed by their own people for attempting to defend Geth at all. Eventually, the Geth realised what was going on and established bases throughout the Planet's underground, beginning to build more of themselves. They armed themselves with weaponary and began to fight back. Due to the fact the immigrants are pathetic fighters, they were beaten on all fronts. The battle then went to orbit, where the vastly superior Geth ships demolished the Immigrant's Flying Ball Fleet.

The Immigrants began a mass exodus, fleeing from their Systems all throughout the Perseus Veil. Rather than pursue, the Geth Commanders ordered their ships to disengage, allowing the many civilian Quarians to escape. The Gethies even harboured regret for killing so many, treating the many buildings left on abandoned planets as graveyards and carefully tending to them. They remember and honour the many Quarians who stood up for them, even erecting memorials for them.

Ever since then, Quarians have been flying around the Milky Way aimlessly, stealing jobs and putting a strain on economies all throughout the Galaxy. This was probably one of the reasons that the Great Credit Crunch occured. To make matters worse, what was left of the Migrant Fleet was taken over by the Council of the Failures, and after a shift in command the Great Whinger and Charlie Von Failure took control...