Minas moosic

Minas Music, shrouded in darkness as night falls on the evil city

Minas Music, originally known as Minas Melody, was a city that used to be owned by a musical man known as Cookie Crisp. But Cookie soon died, and when musical maestro Emewafwawa took over he turned it into a place of ruin. It has ben corrupted by vile dark magic and the powers of MRE, and now it contains a portal to the Maths Mafia's Dark Alternate Dimension

It is also the residence of the Virus, a twisted life form that corrupts Music even further. It is believed that the current host of the Virus, Host Chatee, resides permanently within Minas Music on the whim of Emewafwawa. 

I opened the portal to this holy place, this shelter from halo's fire, in the hope that more of our COVVIES would join us...

Several Guards outside Minas Music, all of which are Conduits

The powers of Minas Music stem from Erl Koing , the source of unlimited power that Emewafwawa has learned to control. The city was almost destroyed in 2015 PLF during the Battle of Minas Music, but this failed to destroy the Musical Maestro and he eventually turned against the Mafia itself, his own powers nearly surpassing that of the Demon of the Abyss. After a huge battle that devastated the Mafia, and further battles within the Distortion World that finished it for good, Minas Music played host to a Second Battle which saw the collapse of the Goodfellas. It has since been cleansed of its evil, however few dare reside here, save for the smatters of remnants of Emewafwawa's minions.

After the reawakening of Reverend Salazar Stythe, Minas Music saw yet more conflict as the Swords of the Soundboard fought through what remained of Emewafwawa's minions, as well as the newly reformed Stythe cultists, in a Raid on Minas Music to make contact with Awawfaweme, a former Mafia Member and ex-ally of Emewafwawa. Awawfaweme told the Swords about Frosty Towers, and how their quest would continue there.

However, Awawfaweme had betrayed the Swords, and withheld from them information about the Corhruxes, the source of Stythe's immortality. One of the lesser Corhruxes, the Viola of Shirley, was in Awawfaweme's possession and was kept in the newly rebuilt Minas Music following the Stythe Cultist's takeover of the fortress.

Upon learning this from Rudolf the Red-Nosed Strawberry Shitter, Princeps autem Consolus and her forces initiated the Third Battle of Minas Music, crushing the Stythe cult holdout there, slaying Awawfaweme and destroying the Viola. With the Viola gone, Minas Music collapsed.