No-one knows what she actually looks like, so we have a picture of everyone's favourite Cryer here instead.

The Guy, who's apparently a woman, is a prominent Circus Ringmaster and long-time business competitor of Rarth Devan. The two have been at it for years.

Rarth Devan's Travelling Circus Freaks Vs. Guy's Circus of Wonders and Weirdos has long been the most competitive business war in the history of the Galaxy, but heres the kicker - they operate from the same tiny freighter. The Circus of Wonders and Weirdos is managed by Darth Cryer, who keeps her charges in line simply because she will cry and winge and moan and won't stop if they fail during their act.

Unlike Devan's Travelling Show, which began due to the need of inspiration for his latest book, the Circus of Wonders began by accident. Stranded on Telos Major after being released from prison, The Guy, Cryer, and some other Random Guy decided that the only way to make money was to start a Circus and entertain the masses. After phenomonal successes on Telos, the Circus moved to various other planets around the Galaxy. Its first intragalactic tour was a resounding success and they moved on to the big time, being recruited into The League of Utter Disaster, Chaos, and Insanity as entertainers and to break Devan's monopoly on the Circus industry.