Grunt stop

One of the many Stops.

Grunt Stop is a joint business venture undertaken by Jorgey and The Sood. It consists of chains of restaurants Galaxy wide that specialise in serving Grunts minced in a variety of ways, made by chefs trained personally by Jorgey. In fact, The Sood does nothing to contribute to the business apart from taking credit for the name, as Jorgey could't think of one even after consulting his great Library.

The Stops are mainly frequented by the Protheans, who enjoy eating other race's organs because they, quite simply, are pricks. Jackals also like to visit here, but that is mainly to laugh at the Grunt's misfourtune.

The sood-char

The Grunt Stops Co-Founder, Sood.

The Grunt stops were all shut down following Jorgey's Master Plan, and were re-opened to sell the flesh of Jackals killed during the Covenant Civil War. Now Grunts visit them to feast on the burned bodies of their rivals. So, in a weird way, the Grunts do finally get the last laugh.