Devans book

The official cover of The Galactic Travel Guide.

The Galactic Travel Guide is one of the many award-winning works of Rarth Devan. After departing the Endar Spire with Darth Onasi and arriving on Taris, Devan decided to write a book entailing the wonders of the Galaxy for all to enjoy.

To accomplish this, Devan recruited a travelling show to aid him in his endeavours. These included: A guy who doesn't trust anyone, an Annoying Female Associate, the only black guy in the galaxy, a psychopathic and homicidal rusty robot, catwoman, a junkie who has a cube-shaped head, a little and rather cool astromech droid, a 14-year old annoyingly voiced tail-head and finally her large, fluffy teddy bear.

Devan and the Circus travelled to many worlds, including but not limited to Manaan, Korriban, Dantooine, Taris, Kashyyk, Tatooine, Some Planet with no name, and finally the beautiful Star Forge.

The Galactic Travel Guide has officially been written and finished but, in light of Devan's recent ventures to the Far Rim, he has not yet seeked a publisher for his book. It is rumoured that Han Solo owns the only published copy, since he is able to travel to all these planets instantly.