The Face, with his pal the Doctor.

He is one of the supreme leaders of the The League of Utter Disaster, Chaos, and Insanity. He speaks only the truth, and that is why he is the prophet of the League. Legend tells of the Face being born at the centre of a black hole, and the Galaxy he was discovered in was called the Boe Galaxy.

He is a superior diplomat of the League and has lived through its many twists and turns. He has been involved with (or responsible for) each and every League reformation. A renowned diplomat and a supporter of civil rights for all races, the Face is commonly referred to as the 'Face' of all that is good and just in the League.

The Face was originally a handsome companion of the Doctor but a messed up event involving the Heart of the TARDIS made him immortal. He lived for billions of years, from the beginning of the universe to its end, and he has aged into the Face we all know and love today. The Face was not known to die, however, Reports of his death linking to the end of the universe have been put forward but never authenticated.