The Twisted Tune used to summon Erl Koing

Erl Koing, also known as the Manuscript of Earle, is the source of Emewafwawa'spower, and is his only commander. It is an entity of many forms and it enjoys butchering people for no reason.

The Manuscript spawned the Cult of Erl Koing, and it can change its form at will, either into the paper form of the manuscript or a creature that rides giant flying crotchets and chases people through forests. The Spiritual Apparition that possessed the Manuscript apparently merged with Emewafwawa at some point, as the two entities are referred to synonomously during the Fall of the Maths Mafia.

It can be summoned using a special song that gives Emewafwawa his power...
The many stages of ErlKoing

The effects of Erl Koing can be devastating, as seen here on Emewafwawa's predecessor

Emewafwawa used this power to establish an Empire in Minas Music, and when the Demon of the Abyss betrayed and killed Emewafwawa during the Battle of the Distortion World, the Erl Koing emerged to destroy him. However, both the Demon and the Koing were trapped in their own microuniverses by Giratina.

The Manuscript itself, which also served as a Corhrux for Reverend Salazar Stythe, was destroyed during the First Battle of Minas Music.