Endar spire cantina

The Cantina during the average nighttime session. Can you spot Trask?

The Endar Spire's infamous Cantina was a cesspit of filth, home to the lowest members of society. It was frequented by Rarth Devan, and was the most challenging place for Trask Ulgo to play Hide and Ulgo Seek in due to the prominent topic of discussion being His Sword.

The Cantina itself appeared to be a nice place at first glance, but it was simply a playground for Ulgo's nefarious schemes. Still, the weekly Pazakk Night always went down a hit despite the fact that the local funnyman, Trask, never seemed to show up due to the presence of Rarth Devan at the event.

It is rumoured that the Endar Spire Cantina is the final resting place of Trask Ulgo's Sword, but no-one has yet drawn up the courage to investigate further...