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The Empire of The Hood is His Excellency Lord Hood's own private dominion buried deep beneath Cairo Station. It is a favourite spot for many of the Galaxy's big shots during their time off.

Home to some of the best bars and clubs in the Galaxy, The Empire of The Hood generates billions of credits every year. This Empire is the main source of Hoody's income and is the sole reason that the Floating Log hasn't been decommissioned already. It is also why, despite being an utter failure as a military leader, Hoody has managed to retain his position for so long.

Slowly, however, the Empire began to deteriorate. People on Earth began to realise that Hood was rapidly becoming a dictator. He refused to relinquish the powers given to him by ONI during the Human-Covenant War and slowly he took over ONI itself. Humanity on Earth cried out but no-one could help them. Lord Hood killed anyone who questioned him, some say he had even gone mad.

Eventually, action was taken by Johnny and Arby, with a little help from Shitmaster, and Lord Hood was brought down. The Fall of Lord Hood was forever cemented in Human History as the fall of their last dictator. The Empire was shattered, the aristocrats were imprisoned and the world was saved.