Emewafwawa's alter ego, The Erlkoenig, about to strike

Emewafwawa is an evil entity that resides in one of the most twisted places on the known Earth. He is truly insane, and he dances around singing one second and brutally murders his victims the next.

He owns Minas Music, a terrifying realm which has influence over the entire area. There is a secret portal in the building which takes you to his opposite dimension in which everything is purply-black and all that can be heard is Erl Koing, the twisted song that eminates around Minas Music.

Emewa on his bill

Emewa on his cloud with his minions

He prances around and scares all the children by playing Erl Koing, and takes swipes at them with his musical instrument weapons. He also uses machines like the Contraption Trap to murder his victims to extract their Music Rubarto Energy, or MRE, which he uses to power his army.

Apparently, Emewafwawa has a small area of the legendary Crypt to himself, which is full of MRE, called the Chamber of Music. However, he never got a chance to open it. Rumour has it that a spawn of Emewafwawa has been given the task of opening the Chamber...

He is always losing the keys to his realm, and when he does he spends hours searching for them. He also hunts people who do not take part in his twisted rituals. Even if those people are his trusted allies who only missed one session to go to the toilet, he will still hunt them.

He can often be seen with one of his aides, scheming or plotting somebody's downfall. He sends letters to those he wishes to kill or capture and signs them with all his honours, for example 'Lord High Emperor of Death' or 'Supreme Overlord of Pain' or even the more brutal 'Honourable Grand High Kaiser of Torture'.

Emewafwawa was the Leader of the League Air Force, as well as a member of League High Command, until he was unmasked as a Maths Mafia Member. However, he would aid the League centuries later in the Battle of the Distortion World, in which the Maths Mafia fractured and fell. Emewafwawa was presumed killed in this conflict, as his body was destroyed during the release of Erl Koing.

Erl Koing

Schubert - Der Erlkönig 魔王 (complete version

Schubert - Der Erlkönig 魔王 (complete version.)

This is one of the sources of Emewafwawa's power, after seeing children suffer.