Teh shift

Dalek Caan using the Shift.

The Cult of Skaro all have the power to Shift throughout time and space, allowing them to wreck havoc all across the universe. After they defeat the Cybermen on Earth the Doctor pulls their army into the space between spaces, aka the Void, or hell. The members of the Cult escape using Temporal Shift, and appear in New York in the 1950s. 

Dalek Caan uses the shift again using the remaining power from The Gamma Strike attracted by Dalek Thay's back panels attatched to an antenna on the Empire State Building. This shift takes him into the Time War after the Doctor once again destroys his army of human Daleks, and Daleks Sec, Thay and Jast are killed. Caan is driven insane by the Time War, but still manages to rescue Davros, the creator of the Daleks. 

It is also very possible that other Daleks have the power to perform Temporal Shifts. In fact, the TARDIS itself has the power to Temporal Shift, if its main time travel systems are damaged and it needs to make a quick getaway. The only problem with a Temporal Shift is it drains a monumental amount of power, so it can only be performed once before a lengthy recharge is necessary.

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Emergency Temporal Shift

Emergency Temporal Shift