One such Portal to the Distortion World was so big it consumed an entire mountain.

The Distortion World, also known as the Void, Hell, the Howling, the Eternal Darkness and the Forgotten Realm, is a sub-dimensional realm that links many dimensions together, and is the home of the Pantheon member known as Giratina. The Distortion World is also the location of Emewafwawa's secret dark magic base, the headquarters of the Cult of Erl Koing.


The Doctor's brief visit to the Distortion World

The Portal in Minas Music is not the only entrance to the Distortion World, far from it. In fact, Portals to this Dark Dimension are relatively common. The Doctor used one such portal to eradicate an army of aggresive Daleks and an invasion force of Cybermen that simultaneously invaded Earth and began destroying each other.

In this world, physics and time cease to exist. People can live forever in there, and walk on walls. It's all very odd. A strange race of Demons live there that are loyal to the Demon of the Abyss.