He's the alligator king of the Reborn. Either that or he bought some bad drugs.

Desann is... an alligator. Thats a touchy subject for him. Technically he's a Sith Lord. But he's not. Not really. He is seven feet tall and has a hugely ornate lightsaber with spikes and rings on the handle. He also wears ornate armour quite unlike any other Sith Lord.

He created his own race of Sith called Reborn, and he trained them all in lightsaber combat himself, which was a big task.

He might not be completely sane... but then again, who is?

He died during his attack on the Jedi Temple on Yavin 4, killed by Kyle Katarn. His failure of an apprentice, Tavion, got away, and formaulated a much better plan than he ever had.

Early Life

Desann was born in the sewers of New York on Earth, but a barrel of radioacive waste that got poured down a drain turned him into a Teenage Mutant Jedi Gator. Joining the local Jedi Recruitment Squad, Desann travelled around the Galaxy and murdered Sith Remnant in the Milky Way Galaxy, until the horrifying news arrived that the Jedi Temple on the Force Galaxy capital of Coruscant had been ransacked and the majority of the Jedi there had been murdered.

Desann, along with his gang, returned to the Force Galaxy to aid in the Jedi's plight against the newly founded Galactic Empire, only to find that the Jedi had mostly been murdered by the new Sith Lord Darth Vader. Enraged, Desann eventually fell to the dark side himself, promising revenge against the Sith Lord. However, he eventually concluded that both Jedi and Sith are heathen and that they should all be eradicated. He infiltrated Darth Vader's palace on Vjun and ransacked it, claiming it for his own.

The Reborn Project

He began experimenting on the Force as a concept, attempting to fuse the force into those that did not originally have it. He called his newfound buddies 'Reborn', attempting to reignite the Sith Order in his own image, However, this drew the attention of the New Jedi Order, and so for his own protection Desann did a deal with the Imperial Remnant, agreeing to aid them in their plight to wrestle galactic domination from the New Republic in exchange for a supply of soldiers, resources and protection. Desann also took Tavion as his apprentice, teaching her of his plans and preparing to strike out against the Jedi.

Eventually the Jedi Kyle Katarn began hunting Desann, and the alligator decided to attack the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV to both destroy the new Jedi there and kill Luke Skywalker, Grand Master of the Order. Desann failed in his task and was killed by Kyle, only for his apprentice Tavion to take over his Empire and continue his pathetic plans.

During his life, Desann was a regular customer of the Buy 'n' Die.