Dark Castle

The Erl Koing's castle in the Distortion World, now ruled over by Emewafwawa.

The Cult of Erl Koing was once huge, containing thousands of powerful beings all in tune with the powers of the King of the Dark Elves. However, when the King died and the Dark Elves disappeared, the power of the Erl Koing diminished. 

However, one of the last remaining members of the Erl Koing cult, Emewafwawa, found the tune of power of the Erl Koing and used it to gain limitless power. He now calls himself the Erl Koing and uses his power to destroy and corrupt.

In its prime, the Cult of Erl Koing was powerful indeed, and contain many powerful members. It gained a status of a mythical organization that supposedly corrupted leaders and decided the fates of planets. However, when the Cult was discovered by the League they declared war on it. Giratina had made a deal with the King of the Erl Koing, allowing him to take up residence in the Distortion World to avoid death.

However, Giratina soon betrayed the King, casting him out into the open. Him and his most loyal followers were vanquished by the League and what few members of the Cult remained fled into the outer reaches of the Galaxy. Emewafwawa, a twisted entity that had once been head musician of the Cult, stayed in the Distortion World to plan his revenge...