This is just an ordinary Crypt. The Crypt of the Bankington has never been seen by anyone who has lived to tell the tale...

The Crypt is a place of ruin, hidden beneath a destroyed Chapel that is home to a terrifyingly boring beast, the Revenant. There are many chambers in the Crypt, one is known as the Chamber of Quid and is home to Bankington. Another is referred to as the Chamber of Music, which is sought after by Emewafwawa.

Within the Crypt lies the Bankington, a vicious monster that commands his minion, the Poundington, via a telepathic field. Apparently the Maths Mafia believe that a certain 'Final Procession' will occur in the Crypt one day. Whatever that means. Basically, its the crash-site of Poundington's ship.

Salazar Stythe

Reverend Salazar Stythe in the cavernous room above the Crypt

The Crypt was built by Reverend Salazar Stythe, and his Cult sealed the body of the Reverend inside the Crypt, waiting for the heir to use the Staff of Salazar Stythe to awaken their master. All of these events culminated in the Stythe Wars years later.

There is also a seismograph in the Crypt...