He's orange. Maybe he wanted everyone to forget that.

He was the caretaker of Installation 03, and he thinks that Forerunners deserved to be forgotten. Well, maybe they did, considering that they put the Flood onto the weapons which were created specifically to destroy them. How silly of them. Testament took containment protocols a little too literally, and frequently erased sections of his own memory to prevent him from divulging crucial information about the Halo Array to anyone if he were captured.

Because of this, he quickly lost the ability to govern his Installation effectively, and the task of maintaining the facility fell to lesser ancillas, who effectively co-ordinated to maintain the Flood containment facilities present on the Ring, which prevented a catastrophic breakout like the one that occured on Installation 05.

Purely by coincidence, Testament's Installation, Installation 03, just happened to be the very place that the Didact accidently lost the Composer. Despite the fact that a human research station was placed there, 049 did not show his face. Maybe he wanted to be forgotten himself. 049 Abject Testament remained oblivious to the terrifying events taking place on Installation 02, despite the ring's Monitors attempts to contact him. Or maybe he did know, he just forgot. He doesn't remember even not knowing.

What were you talking about? I can't remember. Can anyone remember?

Who is this again?

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Guilty Guilty's data log, containing the only reference to 049 Abject Testament that was not forgotten.

Halo CEA Terminal 2 HD

Halo CEA Terminal 2 HD